2006-02-28 00:13:45 (UTC)

...In Heaven...

Well...currently I'm unemployed because I quit my job, and
due to my current financial position I am not in school
this semester. So what's a girl to do? DATE!!! I'm having
the time of my life just letting go of any hinderances I

I started going out with Chris, because my expectations of
a boyfriend are apperently ridiculous and I'm not dropping
them. Chris passes the time well though. Haven't had a bad
time yet. The other thing is though...

There's Win... he's got his own style... but younger then
me. That's okay, we're not good for each other anyway. But
he's got some nice ass lips on him that I wouldn't mind
giving a taste.

So last night I was in heaven. Thought that the world is
come crashing down because I was backed into a corner to
hang out with the both of them. So we go to a hookah cafe
with them and Christina. I'm laying on Chris, smoking a
hookah, put my legs up on Win, and Win starts giving me a
massage. I had to say it out loud, because at that point,
I was in heaven.

At certain points I tried to get the second hand smoke
from either Win or Chris, so got really close to their
lips and inhaled as they exhaled. So nice. And when the
three of us did that all at the same time it was even
better. Wowwy. I'm having fun, it's all good. Rock on!!!