Nick's Journal
2006-02-26 21:17:47 (UTC)

Rewarding Bad Behavior

i'm watching the uconn-villanova game when the announcers
talk about this guy on the uconn team. apparently he
couldn't play in the first 17 games of the season because he
was involved in the theft of 4 laptops. yet now there he
was, playing the game as he apparently served his time.
not that big a deal right?
then there's marcus vick (the younger brother of michael
vick) at virginia tech.
1.) get caught giving alcohol to some 15 yr old girls then
having sex with them (not really that big a crime in my
book, as i'm quite sure the girls were probably willing).
2.) gets caught with pot in his car
3.) acts like a jackass during most games culminating in
stomping on some guys calf
4.) gets caught driving with a suspended license (cos of the
pot incident)
5.) threatens some teenagers with a handgun
FINALLY he's kicked off the team (actually he was kicked off
before the handgun incident). what is he doing? entering
the fucking NFL draft! and you know what? some team will
pick him up, hell i'm sure a good amount of teams are going
to go crazy courting him.
just to show i'm not picking on athletes, there's this lady
lawyer (or rather recent law grad). who basically was hired
by this firm and then said something along the lines of,
"fuck you, you aren't good enough for me. i'm not taking
this job."
what's the big deal right? i mean first off, isn't it
better that these people continually get chances? i mean
isn't it better that we believe that these people will be
better once we give them enough chances?
take vick for example. what if he couldn't get into the
draft? are we looking at a maurice clarett?
secondly, what the fuck should we care? with atheltes (and
especially movie stars) we not only seem to take any sort of
civil offence in stride, but we EXPECT it, hell rappers
gloat about their run-ins with the law.
so should we judge these people by who they are, or what
they present in the business of their profession?
i'm quite mixed on this. i mean take the lady lawyer for
example. she's a bitch and what she did is horrible. you
may be thinking, "nick shut the fuck up, i mean boo-hoo,
they law firm can just go to someone else. and as for her,
who the fuck cares?"
and the deal is, i'm sure that it won't affect her. in fact
when she was interviewed she seemed as unrepentant as ever.
and THAT is why i feel that we should hold these people
it has gotten to the point where an sort of conscience, or
repentance is completely missing. these people are not just
behaving immorally, but amorally. it cultivates a feeling
of omnipotent power: becuase they are an athlete or a
lawyer, or a movie start they feel that their brilliance in
one area allows them the power over all aspects of life.
many people decry the unfair nature of the law.
they scream at corporate scandals and they scream at the
injustice of the inequitable applicatoin of punishments when
it comes to race.
i'm a firm believer in the rule of law. nothing pisses me
off more when some white collared fuck gets off scot-free
because he has the best lawyers. but we make a mockery of
the rule of law also, when on a sunday you hear that some
man committed theft and you watch him grinning on the floor
of a basketball court.