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2006-02-26 15:20:48 (UTC)

U cant stand me now

well heres 2 the usual sunday post! not much bn happenin
this week! went 2 paramount monday nite cant even member
wot hapened? cant hav bn nefin nite bk 2
paramount then priory *rolls her eyes* wearin ma mini
outfit tho! lol lou took a few pics! lol funny as fuck
sooooo many random ppl kept jumpin in 4 a foto ! lol will
post them up on my my space fingy soon soon! erm then me
an lou had a screamin match wiv james! LMAO! funniest fing
ever! he must fink we'r total psycho's but well 2 b honest
u deserved every word!

erm well this wknd didnt go out at all...had 2 rite a
report fing on all the current laws on terrorism! fun fun!
its still not quite finished but got the main part pretty
much sorted! And we'v (me an caz) got this mootin society
fing on tuesday nite! where we hav 2 argue a case b4 a
judge! we'r prosecuting *scary stuff!* our dude got
assaulted by this other dude who is pleading automatism as
his defence! which actually makes our case much harder!
boo! hopefully the other side r shite so we win! lol so
neways tryin 2 look up info on that b4 2mz!* sigh*

iv bn deprived fom alocool for lik 5 days omg! im so goin
wild on wednesday nite! watch out aberdeen me an lou r out
on the rampage once more! lol

spk 2 uz efter XxX

ps law ball on friday an iv still not bought a dress!

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