more human than human
2006-02-26 10:15:58 (UTC)

What to do.....

Wow.....I don't know whether to love my life or hate it.

So I'm madly in love with this guy. I know, you've heard me
say it before. But this one if a male version of me. We
work perfectly together. He can even cook. He knows
everything about me, and he's still around. He will put up
with me all day in my bitchiest of moods, then draw me a
bath and spend an hour reading to me. He'll take me out
just because. He's as much of a romantic sucker as I am. He
opens doors, pulls out chairs, and takes my jacket for me.
He gives me his coat when I'm cold, and saves me his last
smoke....and on top of all that, we even have the same

So I'm madly in lust with this guy. He's hot, he's honest,
and he's good in bed. He's tall and skinny, and is about as
fucked up as I am. He has actually thanked me for being who
I am. And after sleeping with me, he didn't stop talking to
me. He's fun, and futureless - strangely, in a good way.
And now, he's "interested."