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2006-02-26 03:30:24 (UTC)

The Tiger

The sleeping tiger awakens the moon light glimmering in
the darkness of the night.

His ears twitch with annoyance to the sounds of the night
as he slowly stretches his regal body.
He is now awake, alert, and ready to spring into an
explosion of power and movement.

Once more he has transformed into the prowling tiger.

All the creatures freeze and tremble as they hear his
snarl and every impression of his massive paw in the dust
brings panic and alarm to all those near.

He stalks down to the water hole and snarls at his
reflection disturbing him as he laps the cool wet water.

Creatures huddle in fear and await their fate.

The tiger is hungry and all around know nothing can stop
his mission once he releases his anger and sinks his fangs
deep into a soft warm body of his prey.