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2006-02-24 15:25:04 (UTC)

Chubby Mom's Story

I'm a 51-year-old, bi-sexual woman who loves to have sex
and get off with other women. I started when I was about
18-19 years old at college. Our dorm mother worked for a
big department store as a fashion buyer and she often
brought dresses she had to fix to her apartment in our
dorm. She often had us girls try on the clothes for her to
see what was wrong with them so she could mark them to
fix. Often when everybody left in the morning and went to
classes, I went down to her studio and tried them on
before I went to classes, since I had a later schedule.
That really felt good and I was relaxed for the rest of
the day thinking about wearing clothes that another woman
would be wearing. I tried them on wearing only pantyhose
which I still love the most.
On day, I found really short, black Lurex dress that fit
so close, like a second skin, it felt so luxurious that I
took it to my room and kept it. I still love to wear it
even though it is a little tight. It's one of the only
pieces of black clothing that my dorm mother had that I
found to be so sexy it made me wet every time I wear it,
so I have worn a lot during the past twenty-five years.
When I started my junior year, mother changed jobs and the
dresses became more interesting. She started designing
dresses and costumes for showgirls and strippers.
From there on, I remember four dresses that were really
great to wear. The first one was an extremely short,
tight dress just below my crotch that was practically
transparent and it was really tight on my butt which I
really liked.
Then there was the second one, a turquoise evening gown
with a slit practically to the waist. The reason why I
remember it is because that was the first time I wore
sheer to the waist pantyhose and found that I had really
great legs.
The third one I remember was a green business suit with a
smart jacket, ruffley silk blouse and a really tight,
short skirt that fits wonderfully. My legs feel so good
in this skirt with support, massage pantyhose (I love to
wear them to bed).
Finally, the fourth one, my favorite, was during the last
year of college, we had this trip to Paris where we went
to see the Haute Couture fashion show. There were a lot of
women dressed as gorgeous and sexy as you could imagine.
At that moment my dream was getting bigger and bigger.
One other event made my desire even grows more. One day
while I was bored, I was watching television and while
flipping through the channels I suddenly found a Fashion
series on a French station which followed one of the
actresses for the whole day. They showed from the moment
she woke up, even going to the bathroom (everything, too),
fixing & eating a light breakfast, showering, fixing her
hair and makeup, finally, the sexy model. At that moment,
I realized definitely that I was a bisexual and really
wanted women sexually. The only problem was how to find
some more women in my field with the same needs and
I love to wear pantyhose all the time. I even sleep in
light support pantyhose after a long day on the runway.
Together with a tight skirt dress it really feels great.
My favorite color is black; I love to wear thongs and g-
strings because of how they crawl up my ass and slit
rubbing my clit as I walk. I love shopping for pantyhose
and thongs.
I haven't been home alone for a long time but today I
found the occasion. My big dream is still to have a make-
over; especially by another sexy bi-female and go out on a
date with her, possibly with another bi couple, dressed to
the nines. I'm sure we would all have an amazing evening.
I have shoulder length, brownish-blonde hair, green eyes,
and very shapely, long, sexy legs! My legs are very
smooth, I don't shave my legs, I use a depilatory that
really cuts down on having to deal with it very often.
I know a few bi women and I am interested in meeting some
other women for some new experiences. At the moment I'm
currently modeling women's lingerie for several mail order
catalogs and I keep in touch with other bi ladies to have
exciting experiences with. Maybe someone who wants to be a
submissive for me to have my way with her sexually and
satisfy her in a way she has never experienced before.
I am into some kinky things lately. I love peeing and I
am in the beginning of my period and usually have a very
heavy flow so I like to be safe and wear a tampon and put
a pad in my pantyhose to be sure I don't leak. If I am
wearing a dark skirt or dress, I usually don't wear a pad.
That’s what got me started into being who I am today.
Anyone interested can email me with their experiences &