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2006-02-24 04:03:45 (UTC)

New Bedroom!!! - AW

So today I moved my bed and nightstand into my room. We
finally have a bedroom.. with a door!!!! It's only been
like two months that we've been sleeping in our living
room waiting for Russ to replace the carpet (which he
still hasn't done.. he just decided he'd do it later).
Dave is out in camp again. He just got back on Sunday
night and now he's out again for 3-7 days. I know I
shouldn't be complaining since he's usually around but I
didn't even really get a chance to say goodbye. He told me
last night that he wouldn't be going to camp because other
people were and then he showed up at the eye clinic while
I was working to tell me that he really did have to go
now. Since my crazy bitch of a boss was there I had to
rush to say "Okay honey.. call me later I have to get back
to work" and that was it. I thought she was going to yell
at me for that. If it wasn't busy she probably would've
let me have a couple minutes to say goodbye but it was
right in the middle of a rush. Well at least this way he
won't be able to make me grumpy by sitting at the computer
while I move everything into the room and get it all set
up. I'm going to see if Russ will help me build my dresser
tomorrow so maybe we can have all our clothes put away in
something other than those stupid clear plastic drawers.

Anyways, Russ got a puppy today. It's a gorgeous black lab
mixed with a couple other things. He's freaking adorable.
He took me out there (like 30 mins outta town) to go help
him pick one and he slept on my lap the whole way home.
He's so calm and cuddly. Hopefully the two cats won't
attack him too much before he's old enough to defend
himself. Trevor's ex (and the mother of his kids) is up
right now too so they brought Puddles up (their ugly
excuse for a dog) It's nice that the kids are up and
usually I get along with his ex (she used to be the
manager at one of my jobs) but we don't need another
animal in the house. The cats know how to use the litter
boxes and Russ's dog will learn (very very quickly) where
to go to the bathroom. But Puddles.. the kids named him
when he was visiting us and was making "puddles" on the
floor. Anyway I should see if I can move anything else
before I got to bed tonight (like maybe the alarm clock..
it might be a good idea to go to work tomorrow..)

-Angel Wings