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2006-02-22 13:55:48 (UTC)

The Diary - Part 5 Fini

The co-pilot was rubbing my ass while the pilot got
undressed. He had a great body with strong shoulders and a
narrow waist and a huge cock that was semi-hard. It was
hanging between his legs. It was thick with huge veins and
very manly. He grabbed me and started to kiss me. His kiss
was a man’s kiss, very manly.
While he was kissing me the co-pilot was undressing. He
came behind me nude with his strong hands grabbing my tits
while the pilot kissed me. I could feel his hard cock huge
cock even though I couldn't see it. I could feel its
hardness and thickness against the crack of my ass.
Then the pilot turned me around so both of them could kiss
my neck and tits. I took both their cocks in my hands and
started to masturbate them. Their cocks were so huge and
thick that my hands couldn't even fit around them. Then I
slowly went to my knees and had both these fantastic cocks
right in front of my face. I started to suck each one.
Stretching my mouth as wide-open as I could to get their
huge manhood's as deep in my mouth as possible.
As I sucked each cock one then the other they got bigger.
These were cocks like the on in the photo that I love and
masturbate to ever night. Slowly they both lifted me up
and told me to sit in the pilot's seat.
One started to eat and lick my swollen tits while the
other used his tongue to lap my dripping pussy. My body
was burning all over as they licked and brought me to an
earth-shattering climax. Then the pilot lifted me into his
arms with no effort at all then sat down. He then
positioned me on his thick huge massive manhood. I slipped
easily on it and took it all.
Then the co-pilot started to lick my ass as the captain
was pumping his manhood deep within me. Then he inserted
two fingers into my ass, which opened for him. Then I felt
the tip of his cock against my waiting asshole. He thrust
his cock the entire length deep into my ass making me moan
with joy.
Oh what a feeling it was to feel both their massive cocks
inside of me. Both were fucking me hard with the same
strokes. I could feel their huge heads rubbing against
each other through my thin layer of skin between my cunt
and asshole. Oh, what it must have felt like to them
stretching both my holes to the maximum and them feeling
their cock rubbing against each others. Then I couldn't
wait any longer so I started to match their thrust pushing
back hard and deep against them. Their bodies both tensed
and then they shot both their huge loads deep into both my
holes. As I got off them their cum ran out of both my
gaping open holes down my legs and onto the floor.
So that's what I call a mile high fuck and to have made it
with a woman too. All before I even got to Europe!!