The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2006-02-22 02:43:20 (UTC)

February 21, 2006

Well once again Travis is gone, after spending 2 weeks
here with me.. He went to court today and they told him
he's going to be getting locked up tomorrow. I smoked a
blunt ealier with Jasmin and Gina. Gina bounced, and im
still sitting here with Jasmin waiting for Art to get back
from taking Kenny and D to the city. Travis called me and
he told me that he got some girl to buy his fitted and
he's pillin face at home by himself. Whata an idiot! I
told him he was dumb for taking a pill all by himself. He
told me it was his last day before he gets locked up, so
he mise well enjoy it.. He said he regrets taking it becuz
he aint w/ anyone and that there wasnt a point to take it.
I dunno what to feel for anymore for him.. Honestly love
will make u do some fucked up shyt.. Even tho im saposally
with Andrew, who i never met before.. I have a whole bunch
of feelings for Travis becuz of da shyt we been thru and
did.. I just can't seem to chyll with him alot cuz we get
sick of eachother and he starts to get abusive.. Im gonna
miss him alot when he's locked up, and even tho he did
alot of fucke dup shyt to me i wouldnt wish anyone to be
locked up like dat.. He did it to himself tho.I love
Travis but i dunno how much longer i am gonna be inlove
with him.. Well anyways Art is back and i want to smoke so
i'll catch up with u laters... Peace