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2006-02-21 23:05:38 (UTC)

The Airplane - Part 4

I exploded shooting my juices all over her face. It was
now my turn to eat her out again. But she said that she
wanted me to strap on her favorite dildo, "Stick-her” and
then sit on me and fuck.
I said, “Let's do it!”
She got up and went to her bag and I took off my mini
dress and was completely nude and strapped on "Stick-her".
We were both standing and she open her top and our erect
nipples where rubbing against each other as we kissed with
a frenzy. She then lifted her skit showing me her great
thick muscular thighs. I then sat back down and lay back
in my seat as she opened her legs and mounted “Stick-her”.
I was amazed that she just put the head in her pussy then
thrust down taking the entire length of “Stick-her” with
no problem.
She rode "Stick-her" like a horse up and down taking the
full length with every thrust. Our timing was great as our
bodies hit each others with great force and are tits
knocking against each others. Then I said I wanted her to
bend over and rub her clit while I fucked her lovely ass
from behind like "Stick-her" would. She bent over the seat
and started to rub her blood filled clit as I positioned
my self behind her. I spread her ass cheeks wide and then
rammed "Stick-her" deep to the hilt hitting bottom making
her moan with joy.
I was fucking her so hard that you could hear our bodies
slapping against each others. Then her body started to
shake and I knew she was going to cum. She pushed back
hard with her huge ass taking all of "Stick-her" deep
inside of her. That final thrust made her cum leaving her
weak and dizzy as she collapsed over the seat. We both got
up and put our clothes on. We then kissed like only two
women can kiss.
She said, “It was great, Baby!!”
“Fantastic!!! I'm still so horny and my body is on fire
and my pussy is burning!!”
“I think I can do something for you.”
“What do you have in mind?”
“You could go fuck the pilot if you want!”
“That sounds great!”
“Wait, I will be right back.”
She went inside the pilot’s cabin then came back.
“Let's go! Everything is OK.”
We entered the pilot’s cabin and the pilot and co-pilot
were very good-looking men. Both of them had great bodies
strong and firm. Both were dark complexioned and had dark
eyes. The pilot said, “Why don't you get undressed?” I
slipped out of my mini-skirt but left on my red high heel
The pilot said I was beautiful and would I bend over so he
could see my hairy ass and pussy. When I bent over he said
I have never seen such a hairy thick pussy as yours and
such a beautiful waxed pussy. He started to rub his cock.
The stewardess said she had to leave so no one would
bother us.

Let me know if you want Part 5

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