Don Juan

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2006-02-21 17:57:20 (UTC)

Can't take the country outta me!!

Well, this might be a long entry... so if you're wanting to
hear a funny story stick around.
Background: I moved to Boston from the south. Been raised
in the south and lived there for a looooong time. Never
really realized how country I was until the other night.
My rommie brings home a friend from school the other night
and I'm sitting around in torn blue-jeans and a cut off tee-
Story: We introduce ourselves and everything's fine. We
start smoking by the window and talking. My rommie of
course starts out on a rant about Niggars (he's not racist,
nor am I... it's just what we call dumb people)... I can
tell the guy didn't like the word. Then I go off on a rant
about all the gay guys at work (I actually said 'fags')...
I saw that he didn't like that word either. Didn't make
too much of an inpact on me... the rest of the conversation
went on without a hitch, except for the funny nascar
statement he made. The guy had several thound dollar
guitars and my rommie asked him if his parents were rich or
something. He said no, his dad was a dentist. My rommie
said, "No, they're rich if your dad's a dentist." Then his
reply struck so hard to home it wasn't even funny, but we
couldn't help but to bust out laughing: "Nah, he's not
rich... he's just not one of those nascar fans." It's
hillious if you knew my rommie's dad. He's a 50 something
yr old man that still smokes pot and makes around 25k a
year. My rommie's making just as much money as his dad
right now working in a woman's department store!! And
ofcourse his dad is a vibrant nascar fan... LMFAO!!!!
Then right before they start playing (guitar), the guy
walks in my room and sees two pictures of General Robert E.
Lee and Stonewall Jackson. He knows who they are and I say
to myself that I kinda like this guy. Then, not even two
seconds after thinking that, he says, "You know you guys
lost that war, right?" My head just kinda jurked around to
look at him, not beliving what he just said. My primal
instinct was to get mad... I couldn't believe how country I
was. I sat and pondered it after he walked out of my room
and just laughed at myself. Later, after they had gotten
done with playing... we ate dinner and we were talking some
more. It turns out that the guy's rommate is a "Niggar-
Fag!" OHHHH, it was soooooo funny!!!! I guess you'd have
had to be there to see how funny it truly was... but my
rommie and I both sat down and laughed for an hour about
how country we were. I guess we just never noticed it
because we were around so many other country people that
were worse than us. It truely was an eye opener.

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