A day in the life
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2006-02-21 07:54:51 (UTC)


Work seems to be a hot button today. (Sounds like the
begining of a horoscope) I told my boss about the job, he
said I couldnt leave so I sold my soul to him.

I hate when I do shit like that. I am afraid I am going to
regret it.

She is under an amazing amount of pressure at work, very
limited time to get things straight before the auditors
show up. She is getting no help and its really wearing on
her. She's tough though, I think she can handle it.

I'm frustrated because all I want is a few minutes with
her and she cant give it to me because she is too busy. I
understand and she knows that it is upsetting me, I know
there is nothing we can do about it.

I am amazed by her. I love to see her smile. I love her
drive by kisses in the office. I could just stand and
stare at her, sometimes I guess I do. This doesnt make any
sense, but I know I love her.

Funny story, my sister was asking me about Cheryl tonight
at the skatepark and I said that she was on her way out.
Sissy said "I dont think so", like its an impossibility
that I might want to part ways with her.

I said, "What if I'm already in love with someone else?"

"With that woman at the office?" she said.

"Yes. I am" I replied then skated off to let that dust

It did settle and later I wanted to ask her if she ever
had, or come close to cheating on her husband, I guess
just to get a womans point of view. But I didnt,
somethings you just dont want to know.

In a way, I do want to know. I want to know how she turned
out so different than me. I want to know if she gives her
heart freely, or holds it out in reserve like I do. Does
she have a big wall or just a little decorative fence?

It probably doesnt matter. I just wish I had a crystal
ball, or some kind of "are you sure detector". I think I
would give this woman anything I had. On Saturday, I'm
gonna give her... shortness of breath.

On Saturday, she is going to leave me to go to him. Those
will be slow firey hours.

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