Abstract Soul
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2006-02-19 20:28:38 (UTC) that particular time

all that there was of me was a yearning. i lived
complicatedly with a simple dream in mind and yet could
never grasp the air around the beauty that was my heart. i
claimed this person was my heart and yet never really
treated him as such. if you had your physical heart in
your hand would you cause it any pain or stress it to the
edge of death just because you didn't know the inside of
your mind? Or say you sat across the table drinking tea
next to your soul...what would you talk about? You'd be
courteous and sweet and talk about feelings and the days
long ago. When you love someone so much and claim that
that person must be the other half of your heart or the
peice that comppletes you, wouldn't you treat them as you
would yourself? who knows. all I can say is that at the
time when love was something to have not necessarily
understood, i had what i knew i could never properly care
for until i had left the stage i was on. now that time has
passed away i see the errors of all that i have done and
have said. i feel that if i had that other chance to
change it all and make it different for my future loves, i
have the sense to treat my own heart.