A day in the life
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2006-02-19 09:06:01 (UTC)

Near Misses

If we were air traffic, we'd be grounded. I need her.

I need to talk to her. I heard her voice and listened to
what she had to say tonight, but I couldn't say what I
wanted because Cheryl was following me around all night.

I am desperate. All I want is some time with her. I can't
get a fucking minute and it is really starting to piss me

I bought an iPod, video today. It was expensive but so far
its neat and I think I can live with a stupid expensive
dealy bob. (I used "neat" AND "Dealy bob" in the same

This job is weighing on me. I got a good job offer, more
money, more fun, more responsibility. I need to tell them
by Monday, and as much as I want it, I dont want to reduce
the ONLY time I get to spend with my girl. I dont know what

I think that I'm going to disappear.

I know its too soon to ask you babe; what am I supposed to
do? I just want to love you, follow you around like a puppy
dog. Take care of you, work for you. Feed you, earn you.

How can I? What do I need to do? My heart is breaking.

I'm deeply in love here.