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2006-02-18 00:36:59 (UTC)

The Airplane - Part 3

After take-off she them asked me what I would like to eat
and I asked her want she would recommend. She said the
best thing on the plane to eat was her. I smiled and said
I would love that. She said that she would be back in a
minute. She went to the toilet and then came back. She
stood right in front of me and lifted her skirt showing me
that she had taking off her red underwear. Then she
inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy. Then she put
them against my mouth. I sucked her juices deep into my
eager mouth. She then started to unbutton her top and
pulled out her right tit. It was round and firm with a
dark long nipple like mine.
I opened my legs for her as she bent over putting her tits
next to my mouth. I sucked her nipple and started to run
my tongue all around her huge erect nipple and she rubbed
my clit. My juices were everywhere. Then she inserted
three fingers, which were the same size of my blue dildo
that I love. She finger fucked me hard making me have an
orgasm that shook my body. Then she started on my clit
bringing me yet to another orgasm. I pulled her toward me
and sucked her swollen cunt lips and tongue fucked her. I
then inserted my fingers in her burning cunt finding her g-
spot she started to moan and groan and had an instant
orgasm. Her legs buckled at the knees and she grabbed the
side of my seat.
She then kissed me deeply and softly on the mouth. Our
tongues were deep inside gently making love to each
others. She then said let me bring you your food and later
when everyone is a sleep I will come back and sit next to
you and we can recline our seats and make love. I said I
couldn't wait. She brought me my meal, which was a great
tender steak that was cooked in wine. I asked for another
Bourbon & Coke and was feeling nothing but pleasure and
hot sensation through out my body.
She then went to the pilot’s cabin and took them their
meals. Two hours later into the flight I was dozing off.
Gently she kissed my neck waking me up. She sat down
beside me and opened her legs rubbing her clit and
reaching over and rubbing mine. I could feel the blood
rushing to my nipples, the lips of my pussy and to my
clit. All of my private parts were swollen and aroused.
She then told me to recline my seat and put my legs high
in the air and on the back of the other chair. She then
got on her knees and started to kiss and lick my huge dark
red nipples. Her tongue was doing wonderful things to me.
I was so horny my cunt juice was all over the seat.
She gently kissed down my body, licking my belly button.
With my hands I was caressing her hair and grabbing and
squeezing my thighs. Then she used her teeth to bite and
pull my thick long pubic hair making me moan. Then she
blew on my clit and this made my body shudder. She
inserted her tongue deep into my pussy then tongue fucked
me, I almost couldn't take anymore. She was bringing my
body to heights of pleasure that I haven't ever
experienced before. Then suddenly her tongue was on my
clit, kissing it all over. She used pressure on my clit
with her tongue and then moved it in a circular motion.
Then she started to lick and concentrate on one spot. She
knew just where to lick, then she inserted two fingers
hitting my g-spot and fucking it hard with deep long
strokes keeping the same timing with her tongue.
I arched my back and said, "YES, OH, YES, I'm going to
Let me know if you want Part 4