The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2006-02-17 21:35:24 (UTC)

Poem 104- Write Me Some..

Write me some poetry sweetie,
Tell me of those passionate nights
Those that you shared with someone else,
Tell me of those never ending fights
The ones that we shared together.
Write me some poetry darling,
And speak to me of love, deep hate,
And then of all the things inbetween,
Share with me those great tales of fate.

Write me some poetry honey,
Let me hear all that you fear
Silent thoughts of your grown mind,
Let me listen to stories of the ones you hold dear.
Write me some poetry baby,
I want to hear your deadly dreams
To be a part of your every desire,
I want to hear your nightmare screams.

So write me some poetry sugar,
Just so i can watch as you flutter..
Fly away from me and become someone new.

© Lucy Griffin Jan06

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