Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2006-02-17 20:23:11 (UTC)

Like you*song*

I am awaiting the time that I can say
I've left it all behind, I threw it all away
I don't know when, I don't know how
But if I do, it'll start now

Bring it on, it can't hurt too much
I've been through it all, and I've lost enough
I won't bleed the tears you say you will
I won't live and die just for your thrill
Take it all away, I expect nothing in return
Favored in hell as usual, the place where all will have a

I am anxious to know what this really means
I thought that before it were only people's dreams
Fuck this place that I call home, I know that I'm all alone
A place we call freedom, lies, and horrors of our past
The things we really want will never come to pass
The things we knew as stable will never fucking last
Like a mirror broken, shattered like glass

You expect me to be graceful just like your and your
Bitches that are the same will be fucked up in the end
You expect me to be bright like you and don't think I'll
drop out
Your fucking pressure holds me down, and I'm not scared to
do what I want
Fuck, I'd rather die than be in your presence. I'd rather
be in hell that to be with you
Bitches that want to rule my life, fags like you that are
born to ruin
Bring it the fuck on, see how this goes? People like me
don't need people like you
What the fuck do you want? I'm not the same as you. It's
true. I'm not a bitch like you

Kendra Adams
February 17, 2006