The Up's and Down's
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2006-02-17 11:22:39 (UTC)

I Love You

Drawing a heart shape on your arm and knowing it's pure.
It's like a kiss from you is my only cure.

The way the sun hits your face,
It lets me know, my heart is in its rightful place.

I'm addicted to you and how you give me puppy eyes when
I'm not in your arms.
I love when you whisper in my ear how I'm your luckiest of
all the charms.

You're the key to which I've been searching for.
You opened up doors with just a smile that I thought were
sealed shut from the heartaches before.

When a memory of us floats into my mind,
It puts me at ease, it's our love that's left to remind.

A kiss so sweet,
A fast heartbeat.

A touch so addicting,
A girl who didn?t know what she was missing.

I'm lost in my thoughts of you.
The three little words that are taken in vain time and
time again are the truth here: I love you.

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