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2006-02-17 05:21:22 (UTC)

The Airplane - Part 2

As she turned to greet another passenger I noticed what a
big firm round ass she had. Before take off she came to me
and asked me what I wanted to drink and if I would like a
I said, "I would love Bourbon & Coke." She then bent over
me with her arm gently brushing against my right titty.
I'm sure she could feel my erect nipple.
She smiled at me and said, "I'm sorry!" and I smiled back
and said, "That's OK!" It felt good. I didn't know what
her reaction would be to my comment but she just smiled.
Then she brought me my Bourbon & Coke and then turned away
from me. She rose up on her toes reaching up to the
overhead luggage compartment to get a blanket for me. Her
skirt rose high up revealing her strong thighs and
exposing her red thong panties and perfect ass. I could
see coming out the sides her dark pubic hair. My pussy
became instantly wet and my whole body became hot with my
juices flowing.
I then took off my high heels and put my seat back and my
legs up in the chair so my mini-dress would ride high up
on my thighs. I wanted her to see me. As she turned around
I reached over and lifted my ass into the air exposing my
hairy cunt and shaved lips to her as I lowered the shade.
When I turned around see had a big smile on her face and
she said that's my job. You just relax and enjoy your
trip. I said thanks, and I would for sure with her help.
She smiled again then left to go buckle up her seat belt
for take off. As she sat down she looked to see if I was
watching her and then opened her legs wide showing me her
red underwear with her dark hair coming out the sides. Our
eyes locked and then I opened my legs wide open for her
and then put my hands between my legs. She then licked her
lips and opened her mouth and closed her eyes as she
tilted her head back.
She then uncrossed her legs and pulled her underwear to
the side so I could see her hairy pussy that was trimmed
short around her lips and clit then inserted one finger in
her pussy. She opened her eyes as I bite my lip and then
ran my tongue around my lips then inserted one finger in
my mouth and started to suck it. While we were exposing
ourselves to each other the curtain to first class and
economy class were closed so no one could see us. It was
like we owned the big 747 airplane.
Let me know if you want Part 3