Nick's Journal
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2006-02-17 01:58:17 (UTC)

Double Trouble *twice?

i am sitting here at my computer after a fuckload of work
and i am just reminded of some obscure story my father
happened to tell a while back. it went along these lines:
' i remember the first day we moved here....
there was this teenager who came into our driveway with a
switch blade, and he simply said,
"i can cut you"
so i grabbed him. and i punched him in the stomach.
and i said,
"if you ever threaten my child i will kill you."
and i stared him into the ground.
that was my introduction to america.'
and that was it. that was what i remember my dad having said.
you know.
for the longest time i wrote it off as bullshit (back when i
was 7). but this guy was a bully. he would do this thing
called, "the ball and chain".
which basically involved using someone's forearm to hold him
by his nuts (it's quite complicated).
this 16 yr. old was the bully of our neighborhood.
but he protected me.
i am dead serious. not only did he never even think of
touching me. but he was so sugar sweet to me.
he would always look out for me, and he never even came
close to me.
and i wonder about my dad.
jesus christ.
he did this for me?
i swear to god this bully was roger rabbit to me. he even
got into fights with guys who tried to perputrate things.
i was completely safe at all times.
and i thank my dad for that.
i know what type of dad i will be when i grow up.

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