When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2006-02-16 20:47:39 (UTC)

Let Me In

Never thought I would want it so bad
Til' you began to keep it away from me
One conversation had me stuck
On the idea that I might one day have it
And I still dream in color of brown skin
Pressed firmly against mine as I reach
Through the abundance of life
To take hold of who you are
Trying intently to fight the sudden rush
I feel every time your voice
Brings the proximity of you closer
Than the silence you have banished me to
I want to have it in my grasp
Carefully and tenderly tend to its every need
Whatever it desires will become my responsibility
As I know you are pleased
I want to open the door that leads to the place
That leaves you exposed to me
There is no false security in my touch
As I will gladly hand over my abilities
If you were to ask for them
Don't tease me with the strings that are attached
But never give me the permission
I need to delve into the essence of what makes
You weak with love
Never thought I would need it so deeply
My every fiber longs to accept it completely
To revel in the feeling of it becoming a part of me
Accepting and giving
Placing more emphasis on the future we create
As we bounce and land on new horizons
Only made possible by allowing me to have it
To hold it, to love it, to love you
Eventually make love to you
And with time you will see
That this poem is not talking sexually
But on a level of intimacy that few ever reach
I want your heart and I will sing to the world
Of its grandeur and how it satisfies me
To know that you trust me enough to place it in my hands
Give me the opportunity to do magic
Minitiaturize myself and live there comfortably
I wanna follow the path that leads to your mind
And find the connection between your thoughts and feelings
And with time, understand where your lips meet to express
The diffence of the two.
I wanna know you before, I allow myself to know you
Then connection will be beautiful
As cosmic as air found between Saturn and the Sun
Twirling through eternity
Connected by those teasing strings
As we float on the evervescent rings
Formed from what gives us the ability to last
Untouched by weathered days, but only made more beautiful
As we remain
This is my prediction
For the future of me within
Your heart.

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