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2006-02-16 15:33:22 (UTC)

there's more important things than hearing you speak


How yu guys doin? being kinda busy lately, so haven't
really had time to update, but i'm back now :D well, at
least i think i am.

umm, so many things to report on. let's start from the

we've officialy booked a holiday! yey! we booked it at the
end of Jan...we're going to Laganas, Zante. not the most
classy of places, but never mind. me, matt, katie, laura,
sara and laila are going. so glad kt's going. if she
wasn't, my attitude towards the whole thing would be
somewhat of a deflated one. it's 296 quid, i think, and
it's gotta be paid in just over a month. now, you see, i
don't get how sara's gonna pay. she won't have any money
now till april, because she's spent it all. i helped her
along with spending it, but i won't go into anymore
details, due to legal reasons, but all i'm gonna say is
that i'm throughlly disgusted with myself. i suppose
desperation drives you to many things, huh? anyway, if she
doesn't end up coming, james is gonna. to be honest, i want
him to. he'll be SO fun, plus, i don't wanna share a room
with matt & ben. sara's just gonna be sleeping around, in
her continued effort to look cool. i still don't know why
the fucking hell she does it. yeh, she's still at it. like
i reported in a previous entry, in september of last year
she was a virgin, now, she's at uni...she's spreading her
legs for anyone, in a bid to make herself look cool. that's
what sara's life revolved around - trying to impress others
by performing desperate, revolting acts. anyway, back to
the point. so yeah, hopefully james comes. that won't
impress laura. it'll REALLY fuck her off, for reasons i'll
get into later. if james does indeed come, laura & laila
are gonna be the odd ones out. i'm sure it'll all turn out
dandy, though. things always do, don't they...?

i had a dream last night. i'm quite scared. i was on a
beach with my mother & we saw a place in the sky, we
blinked & it it comes toppling down into the ocean. is this
a sign? ugh, i feel like i'm apart of the final destination
films. but yeah, it's a tad creepy. do i take this
seriously or not? i probably won't...

well, last saturday was certainly an, urm, interesting
night, to say the very least. basically, me, james, ben &
katie went to hull. we'd phoned sara the night before and
said we were coming to go to Fuel (gay club), and she was
all like "yehh, i can't wait". anyway, we set off at around
8. the ride there was hilarious. me and katie were rather
drunk on the back of the seat & she kept whipping
her "whooooo" noise out, which is highly amusing. we get
there just after 10, i think it was. lg and sara weren't
ready, which pisses us off. anyway, me, sara, james, ben &
katie went to the bus stop because we couldn't get any
taxis. laura, mark & becky were laggin behind because they
weren't ready or whatever. anyway, this taxi comes & we
jump in it randomly, and the taxi driver takes us to
asylum. we get there, saying we'd leave and go to Fuel at
1am. ya know, we'd compramise. so, we got there and we
couldn't get in, because james didn't bring his ID. this
clearly pissed sara off, because she REALLY wanted to go in
there. so, we ended up going into town. we went into
Revolution, a classy vodka bar. this is where the fun
starts...me and katie get a pitcher of vodka, and we go sit
down. nobody follows...instead, everyone gathers around
another table, which we are not impressed with. ben comes
over, as does james. they both sit with us. THEN laura
comes over, screaming at *ME*, so i ask why the fuck is she
shouting at me, she tells us all to fuck off, she slams her
drink down & this is where the night gets out of control.
they go their seperate ways, and me, ben, katie and james
go to fuel. fuel was fab, by the way. we get back to the
lawns...laura starts again, screaming at ben. ben's saying
we come through, and they didn't compramise, etc... laura
flips, coming out with a vile 1-liner "ben, you didn't
fucking come through to see us, you came through to bum a
guy in Fuel"...these two are the closest of friends, so my
jaw drops. sara attempts to start with me, but once she
realises how pissed off i am, she backs off. me, ben and
katie leave...we wanted to go back to sara's block. we got
there, and we didn't have the key. we rang james to tell
him to get the key and to come out (he was still rimming
them), he said OK, but we waited...and waited.we literally
sat outside sara's block in the rain, with a blanket over
us. we looked liked tramps. i thought to myself "is this
how friends treat each other?", no, it ain't. it was
disgusting what they did that night. luckily, katie found
james' keys in her bag, so we sat in his car. we went to
this 24/7 garage, and stocked up on food/drink. when we ot
back, james said for us to come back to sara's. we gave in,
we didn't have the energy. we got back, and james informs
us laura is sat in sara's room, and she's wanting to sort
things out. me, ben and katie sit inthe microwave room. 5
minutes later she comes bounding out, calling us all
pathetic bastards. this is where ben and laura argue for
AGES. laura brings up the fact that he always turns convos
round to himself, that he only comes through to go
clubbing, etc...james then pipes in, calling laura a slut,
slag, cunt, all the names you can think of. sara starts
slaggin ben off, calling him pathetic. katie and sara start
arguing...laura and katie do. i confronted laura about why
she bollocked me in Revolution. she apologized, saying she
was really mad at the time, and it wasn't directed at me.
that was fair enough. anyway, james wouldn't let laura
talk, so laura stormed out calling him a fat cunt...which
prompted james to throw a knife at laura, but she ducked.
it was the biggest argument we, as a group of friend have
ever had. the next morning, james drove me, ben and katie
back. we just sat there looking out of the windows,
thinking about what'd happened.

...so, there you go. ben's giving in to laura, now. he's
being saying over the past few days "ugh, laura can do, she
can fuck off"...he's just txt'd saying "laura txt, it
sounded alrite atch, i might reply". *sigh*. i found out
him and laura were bitchin' about my gaydar profile. well,
not exactly. ben said she'd looked at his, and i asked if
he'd gaven her mine, and he said yes, so CLEARLY they were
slaggin' it off...trust me, they were. i asked ben what
they'd said, and he said nothing. *sigh* ...he's so
transparant, it's pathetic. come to think of it, he's so
weak. so, so weak.

sara and laura are coming home on friday for the weekend. i
dunno whats gonna happen, or whats gonna be said, but
things need clearing up. laura's mum said something which
is SO true. we're such a tight bunch of friends, and we say
anything to each other...there's the problem.

i'm 19 in 5 days, so wish me happy birthday! probably won't
be doing a thing, unlike last year, when me and LG has
ajoint-18th, and ordered a limo to boro to go clubbing. ah,
such a classic night. anyway, yeah...i'll be updating a lot
more, hopefully.

till next time, i'll leave you with this...

Green Breaks, Black Covers. Voices Hurl, Hearts Race. Tears
Shed, Faces Fail. Morning Breaks, Souls Recover.


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