Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-02-13 19:29:09 (UTC)

Stolen Recipes...

Thanks to Provoqaunt... :)

Avocados with Chicken Salad

What you’ll need:
Boned chicken, coarsely chopped
3/4 cup of chopped green pepper
3 medium oranges, peeled and sectioned
3/4 cup of slivered blanched almonds
3/4 cup of mayonnaise or cooked salad dressing
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
6 large ripe avocados
Salad greens

How to prepare this:
In a medium bowl, combine the chicken, pepper, orange,
almonds, mayonnaise, salt, and one and a half tablespoons of
lemon juice. Mix these well. Refrigerate and cover until
well chilled for at least an hour. Just before serving, cut
the avocados in half, lengthwise, and remove the pits.
Sprinkle these with the remaining lemon juice. Top each half
with about 1/3 of the chicken salad, mounding high. Serve on
salad greens.

Lobster in Tomato Sauce

What you’ll need:
12 frozen lobster tails, unthawed (or 6 1/2 cups of cut-up
cooked lobster)
4 tablespoons of butter
3 cups of finely chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
2 cans of tomato paste
1/2 cup of finely chopped parsley
2 teaspoons of dried thyme leaves
2 teaspoons of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
2 cups of dry white wine
1/2 cup of brandy (but this is optional)

How to prepare this:
Cook the lobster tails, and then let cool. Remove the meat
from the shell, and cut into large chunks. In a large
skillet, sauté the onions and garlic in butter until they
golden for about five minutes. Then remove these from the
heat. Stir in the remaining ingredients (except the
lobster), and bring it to boiling. Reduce the heat, simmer,
cover, and leave it for about fifteen minutes. After that,
add the lobster, simmer gently for five minutes longer, or
until the lobster is heated through. Voila! (This makes 12

Chicken in White Wine

What you’ll need:
3/4 cup of salad oil
1 1/2-lb of small white onions, peeled
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
9-lbs of chicken, cut up
6 tablespoons of flour
3 cups of dry white wine
3 tablespoons of brandy (again, optional)
3 teaspoons of salt
2 1/2 teaspoons of pepper
3 teaspoons of dried thyme leaves
6 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley
3/4-lb of fresh mushrooms, sliced (or 3 cans (3 oz) of
sliced mushroom, drained)

How to prepare this:
In a large, heavy skillet, slowly heat the salad oil. Then
in this, sauté the onions and the garlic until golden for
about five minutes, then set aside. Add the chicken; sauté
until brown on all sides. Remove the skillet from heat. Then
remove the chicken and set aside. From the skillet, drain
all but two tablespoons of fat from the skillet. Stir in the
flour until smooth. Gradually stir in wine. Add brandy,
salt, pepper, thyme, and two tablespoons of finely chopped
parsley, along with the chicken and onions. Simmer, cover,
and leave for about thirty minutes or until the chicken is
almost tender. Add the mushrooms, simmer, and cover for
another ten minutes. To serve: put chicken, with sauce, on a
warm platter. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. (This makes 12


What you’ll need:
2 eggs
a cup of granulated sugar
a cup of sifted all-purpose flour
3/4 cup of butter, melted and cooled
a teaspoon of grated lemon peel
confectioners’ sugar

How to prepare this:
Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease and lightly flour the
baking pans. On top of a double boiler, over hot, not
boiling water (water in the bottom of the double boiler
should not touch the base of the pan above), with a portable
electric mixer at medium speed, beat the eggs and granulated
sugar just until lukewarm for about two minutes. Set the top
of the double boiler into cold water. Beat the egg mixture,
at high speed for about five minutes, or until it is very
light and fluffy. With a wire whisk or rubber scraper,
gently fold flour into egg mixture until well combined. Stir
in cooled butter and lemon peel. Pour these into the baking
pans, using a tablespoon of batter for each form. Bake for
twelve minutes. Cool one minute, then remove from the pans
with a small spatula. Cool completely, then sprinkle with
confectioners’ sugar. (This makes 3 and a half dozen)

Mousse Au Chocolat

What you’ll need:
12-oz of semi-sweet chocolate pieces
4 teaspoons of coffee
a cup of sugar
a teaspoon of vanilla extract
6 egg yolks
6 egg whites
Whipped cream (optional)

How to prepare this:
In a medium saucepan, combine the chocolate, coffee,
half-cup of sugar, and 4 tablespoons of water. Stir
constantly, over low heat, until the chocolate is melted and
the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat. With a wooden
spoon, beat until smooth, and then let cool slightly. Add
vanilla. Beat the egg yolks, one at a time, beating well
after each addition. In a medium bowl, with an electric
mixer, beat the egg whites just until soft peaks begin to
form when the beater is slowly raised. Add the remaining
sugar, a tablespoon at a time, beating well after each
addition. Beat until the stiff peaks form. With a rubber
scraper or wire whisk, gently fold the chocolate mixture
into the egg-white mixture until well combined. Spoon these
into 12 sherbet dishes. Refrigerate until well chilled (an
hour, at least) or until serving time. If you want, garnish
with whipped cream, some crushed choc and coffee bits, yum! :)

Lemon-Orange Coolers

What you’ll need:
4 cups of frozen orange-juice concentrate, thawed and undiluted
6 tablespoons of honey
2 and 1/4 cup of crushed ice
6 cups of milk
1 1/2 cup of lemon sherbet

How to prepare this:
Just combine the orange concentrate and honey in 1-quart
measure and stir until well-mixed. Add the ice and milk,
then mix well. Spoon the sherbet into 12 tall glasses, fill
with orange mixture. Serve at once.

Strawberry-Melon Cup
2 cups of sliced melon
1 cup of sliced fresh strawberries
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/8 cup of sherry
3 mint sprigs
~ I combined all these ingredients, except the mint, in a
bowl. Then I had it refrigerated (covered), until thoroughly
chilled. Afterwards, before serving, I gave it a stir (just
once) and then spooned the fruits into dessert dishes. The
mint sprigs are for garnish. I think this makes three servings.

I always like appetizers before a full meal. I think these
make extra-special beginnings to a sit-down dinner. If you
plan to serve fruit appetizers, you must serve the dishes
nested in casseroles full of crushed ice. That’s the best
way to do it, I believe. Usually, if your meal includes
poultry, ham, or veal, a fruit cocktail is an excellent
appetizer. If the dinner is mild, something spicier is nice.
If a light entrée is going to be served, then a more
substantial appetizer would be best.

On to lunch! Since it was such a beautiful day, I wanted to
eat something that will just explode inside my mouth, juicy,
and warm. So I decided:

Orange-Glazed Stuffed Pork Chops
We bought 2 double loin pork chops, with pockets (you’re
going to be the one to do this if you can’t have the butcher
do it for you: the chops should be thick enough for you to
create a slice on it, creating some sort of a pocket wherein
you would place the stuffing).

For the stuffing:
¾ teaspoon of finely chopped parsley
½ teaspoon of grated orange peel
¼ teaspoon of salt
¼ teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
1/8 teaspoon of pepper
2 tablespoons of boiling water

For the glaze:
¼ cup of orange juice
2 tablespoons of light-brown sugar
2 tablespoons of orange marmalade
1 tablespoon of cider vinegar

~ I baked the chops in 375F. I first tossed all the
ingredients for the stuffing in a bowl and then put them
inside the pork chops. I baked each side for a good fifteen
minutes. Meanwhile I combined the ingredients for the glaze
in a saucepan, and mixed until it was boiling. I reduced the
heat and left it simmering for I think ten minutes
(uncovered), before brushing the chops with it. Afterwards I
baked the chops again for about 30 minutes more, brushing
the glaze every ten minutes. This makes two servings.

I served that with small potato balls cooked in butter and
garlic salt (Just simmer the butter and garlic salt first on
a saucepan, and then put the peeled small potato balls. You
can garnish it with bacon bits and some fresh parsley if you

Bananas Baked in Orange Juice
I just placed some peeled, sliced, medium-sized bananas (6-8
pieces) on a baking dish, together with some peeled oranges,
cut in chunks. I must advise that you use slightly underripe
bananas – the ones which are green-tipped or yellow. Avoid
those flecked with brown – they’re not going to be good for
this. Also, I put 2 tablespoons of orange juice and 2
tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (Tip: Roll the lemon first
with the palm of your hand on a flat table, this will give
you more juice), 1/3 cup of sugar, a dash of cinnamon and a
dash of grated nutmeg (optional, if you have cinnamon, it’s
good enough). I baked these for 25-30 minutes (until the
bananas were golden and tender). These are best served hot!

Frosted Strawberry Float
1 cup of sliced fresh strawberries
¼ cup of sugar
3 cups of chilled milk
½ pint of strawberry ice cream
~ What I did was just to wash the berries in cold water.
After draining them, I crushed them with a potato masher,
then put them in a bowl and stirred in the sugar. I
gradually added the milk, beating with a rotary beater. I
scooped some ice cream and stirred until it started to melt.
I served them in tall glasses, and bueno, it’s done.

It was a fruity afternoon! I made some banana bread from the
leftover dessert and we had that for snacks in the afternoon
together with orange-spiced coffee (I think I already posted
how to do this).

For dinner tonight, we moved to my house and I prepared the
following for everyone (I had to improvise from the leftover
ingredients we had):

Prosciutto and Melon for appetizer
½ lb of sliced prosciutto (that is, Italian ham)
24 melon wedges (from 2 whole honeydew melons that we
haven’t eaten yet!)
2 lemons
2 lime

~ I cut the ham into 1-inch strips. Then I also cut the
melons in half, scooped out the seeds and fibers. I then cut
the halves into six wedges and removed the rinds. I rolled
each melon wedge in the strip of ham. I garnished these with
lemon and lime wedges. Makes eight servings, with three
wedges for each person.

Orange-Flavored Breaded Pork Cutlets
For dinner’s main course, I decided to stick with the same
recipe that I used for the pork chops earlier at lunch. Only
this time, I cut the chops in strips and breaded them before

For the breading:
Still using the same ingredients as before (parsley, grated
orange peel, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper), I
combined these with fine bread crumbs. I dipped the pork
strips in flour, and then coated it with egg, and then
finally breaded it before putting it in the pan.

For the sauce:
I still used the same ingredients for the glaze (orange
juice, light-brown sugar, orange marmalade, cider vinegar)

~ After frying the pork cutlets, I placed them on a plate
and drizzled some sauce on it. I placed small dishes filled
with the sauce also, in case one would like to have more
sauce on the pork. I also sautéed some vegetables on the pan
where I made the sauce and placed them together with the
cutlets on the plate.

Honeydew Fruit Plate
I cut chunks of honeydew melon, bananas, peaches, and plums.
I placed them in a big bowl and topped it with cheese,
before tossing it again, this time adding more banana and
plum chunks, together with strawberry slices and spoonfuls
of blueberries. In another bowl, I combined 1 cup of sour
cream, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 drops of hot pepper
seasoning, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of
confectioners’ sugar, and 2 teaspoons of poppy seed. This
will be the dressing for the salad.

Of course, I knew that my family would like to eat some
greens, too, so I made:

Orange and Onion Salad

I peeled the oranges and removed the white membrane, and
then I cut them into thin slices. I did this with a
medium-sized peeled red onion, too. Then I tossed the onions
and the oranges in a bowl with French dressing. I
refrigerated them until chilled, and then I served them on
salad greens.

For dessert, here is something I will share with you, a
wicked, wicked way to eat your fruit. My abuela taught me
this when I was a child. She calls it:

Melon Cha-Cha-Cha
This involves a big watermelon and a cup of light rum,
nothing else! All I did was cut a plug at the center of the
melon, about 2½ inches wide and 3 inches deep. This is where
I pour in the rum. The plug which was cut from the melon –
trim this and just leave it about half an inch thick, then
place it back on the melon.

The important thing here is to let the rum permeate the
melon, so you have to prepare this at least six hours before
consumption. I refrigerated this with the plug side up, and
then sliced it for serving. Tastes yummy!