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2006-02-13 15:46:44 (UTC)

sub diary 13-02-06


well this will be my last entry for the rest of the week.
in a couple hours i have to be booked into the hospital for
my surgery early in the morning. i am to have my last meal
before 6 PM then only light stuff before nil by mouth after

Master rang me today which was just amazing. Wwe talked
for a little bit before Wwe both needed to finish what Wwe
were doing. i agreed to ring Master in about 1 hours time.
i was so nervous at work so i think they were happy for me
to take a lunch break. i was able to get computer and
phone access but no real privacy. i was craving even a
light session but it wasnt to be. i was so wound up.

Master & i talked about Oour future together which made me
relax a little. my heart was racing with fear. signing all
the things that need to be signed is scary stuff.
understanding what could happen etc. i have even signed
that i wish to be an organ donor if the worse happens. i
hate to think of all these things even if i know it is

talking with Master is so wonderful right now. i know He
is with me in all that He does and all that He says. i am
acting brave with my family but with Master i can show my
weakness. i love my Master so much. Wwe will have such a
nice life together.

i need to go now,
will post again as soon as i can,
slave jessica {MJ}