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2006-02-12 16:34:48 (UTC)


Howdie peeps!
gawd its absolutely roasting in this computer room 2day so
fink mite b keeping this entry pretty short! er... howz
fings bn wiv y'all at home?
iv had the most amazin 2 weeks since iv bn back at uni
ever! fink its cos new semester, the tutorials an shit
start properly 2moz so relly not bn 2 overloaded on work
so me an lou jus decided 2 go wild 4 a bit! ha ha lol
we'v bn out in town an gettin rat arsed like every nite!
we worked it out last nite in the pub that we'v bn drunk
like 10 out of 14 days! lol its well catchin up on is now
tho! the other nite we were in the pub an i woz actually
like curled up in a ball in the corner almost sleeping!
lol, so neways er got 1 of my exam results bk an it woz a
pass! so im well chuffed! fink ill probs get the rest bk
this wk! eeeek! still lookin 4 jobs, went 2 an interview
the other day 4 barstaff at a niteclub BUT! they wanted
ppl 2 dance on top of the bar! lol an 4 only £5 im kinda
finkin naw! *jus got these images of coyote ugly in ma
er...oh yea we got a flat 4 nxt yr 2! its pretty kool cant
wait, its 2 secs away from uni an all which is pretty
handy! erm...duno wot else 2 say relly so mite jus go an
start preparing 4 ma tutorial 2mz then mite head 2
o'neills wiv james an the rest of teh irish guys! lol
catch u'z l8r XxX

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