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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-02-12 22:46:14 (UTC)

sub diary 12-02-06


everything will be fine. i am as ready as i can be. i
wished i had chatted with Master today but i thought He had
to work all week end. sunday is a short day for me. i
visited a friend and was surprised to read an email from
Master telling me that He didnt work today. i feel Wwe had
missed an opportunity to chat. i needed to chat with Him
so badly. He also left me a message to let me know that He
was dining out with some close friends. He must have come
online to let me know. how sweet!!!! Master left me many
hugs plus let me know that He had to go to watch a movie.
this saddened me as i felt He chose to watch a movie over
spending some time chatting with me. He needs to spend time
with friends so it is selfish of me to expect anything less
of Him. i know i must not judge Master. He is a great
Master. He loves me.

i will be fine. i can do this. i am not a baby. so why do i
feel so bad? why am i so scared? why am i putting this down
here? because it is my diary.

love to all
slve jessica.

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