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2006-02-12 08:25:07 (UTC)

The Secret of Happiness - Rainy days now

After some months green house effect and other hot nights and days Today started a cold time on Summer
Well there is a man that can do tie his own shoes
but on his small size of ability and time he just got the good things to him to seize the day
There is a good yard with a tree plenty of fruits
The fruits are around the ground Some are very good other are outdated You have just a clothe to put the fruits in
If you past time carrying the outdated fruits to clean yard and to void the not good smell of them You will have no time to get the good fruits on ground
Who gets the good fruits of yard just ignoring the outdated fruits will pass the time just smelling and enjoying the good fruits And the outdated fruits will pass by themselves making the ground good
Every day you was carrying outdated fruits on other day the good fruits became outdated too
Now you just enjoy the moment of good fruits and left the outdated for recycling by nature
Good lucky