"Day-z H"
2006-02-11 19:03:46 (UTC)

"GrEaT" February 11th, 2006

I dunno what the hell my problem is lately...but I never
do I suppose. I am moody all the time...and everyone seems
like they are trying to piss me off. I can't take it. But
come on...when you have told EVERYONE around you that
something bothers you more then once...it's like they do
not care when they keep trying to force it into your world
(EVERYDAY). I don't think it is FAIR! Everyone knew to
start with I didn't really like it. Only 2 people I can
think of who doesn't try to have it around me
everyday...and that is because one doesn't do it, and the
other is hardly around. But whatever. And I get to the
point I am upset,and go right to not caring. Cry
sometimes...but doesn't really make me feel better in the
end. Maybe I am just down...but I do know I am sick of the
way things are going lately too. Something needs to
change, because I really can't take it much longer. I know
something shouldn't bother me so badly...but it does...and
regardless how lil or unimportant of a thing it is to
everyone else...it isn't that lil to me. Maybe noone sees
it or something, or maybe it is just in my head...but it's
sucks. I will push the people I care about away to if I go
off on everyone. I dunno what to do, like a deer in the
headlights. ....and I just wanna SCREAM!