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2006-02-11 06:04:53 (UTC)

health update

Hey everyone.

OK, so I spent a good portion of the day crying.

I'm having to add a new illness to my list. I have a
thyroid disorder, which is apparently why I have the start
of arthritis in my ankles, my hip pains, my weight issues,
my fatigue issues; POSSIBLY my recent memory issues, and
contributes to the amount of pain I'm in every month, and
maybe even my bi-polar affective disorder worse. My
medications are now up to 6 prescriptions (Synthroid is my
newest) and $196 a month. (half my rent)

They called me at work at 5pm about my lab results, and
demanded to see me in the DR. office monday to disuss this.
apparently my thyroid gland is severly under performing,
and it is serious enough to ask me in immediately to disuss
what I need to do to get healthy, and oh yeah: tne nurse
tells me I'll probably be on meds the rest of my life now.
(My Uncle Solo apparently neglected his meds and is now
schizo and can't walk without extreme pain)

He decided to check my thyroid after my recent visit to him
on thursday to follow up on my last visit, and I told him
how tired and depressed I've been again, and how I never
get out of bed anymore unless I have to.

And to think my family always just thought I was LAZY.
Sheesh. Jokes on them, huh?

I am working my last day at my job tomorrow, and the worst
part is I won't have medical insurance at my new job, and
I'm just finding this extra tidbit of news out. BAD TIMING
I'd say. I hope something happens good and I can afford the
COBRA to keep my med going, but I dunno yet. this new job
is commission based and I'm now scared as hell.

Oh yeah. I lost my cell phone, and therefore everyones
phone #'s. Please send me them again so I can get them put
in my computer DB. That way I can never lose them as long
as I have a computer back up.

Wish me luck and pray to a diety for me.

Love much,