rachel richards

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2006-02-08 22:45:58 (UTC)

Its just me!

Well..Here I am again just chilling at my computer just
thinking about waht to write in my journal about. I think
that I am mostly writing for Daniel. I want to say this to
his face but i just cant seem to get it out, or I just cant
find the right time. I am so glad that you are back D. I
really did miss you when you were gone. I have so much
stuff I just want to sit down and talk to you about but it
seems that that time will never come. You are busy. A
girlfriend and a baby on the way. I Love you and it hurts
to see you with someone else. I want you all to myself but
i know that i cant have you. No matter how much i want you
to myself it is not fair to bobbie. she hasnt done anything
to hurt you but you are gonna take away all of her
happyness. i think that it is a bad idea. if i were put
into her shoes i would be so devistated. i just need to
talk to you D. i need you. find me. i love you. come and
save me.

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