The Quest that is my future
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2006-02-08 20:49:07 (UTC)

#4: My cordial relationship with myself...

After a long haitus i am finally back to my senses!!

It has come to my attention that i am not the person i
always thought i was and that i have been expressing it in
this online journal. Sure, i can be depressing at times,
tending to focus on the negative instead of the positive,
but i realise that it is about time for me to have a major
paradigm shift and that is not who i truly am inside.

I am an amazing person, whose generosity is freely given
with no expectance of reciprocation. I drive 2 1/2 hours
to Regina, just to see my girlfriend for a few days, then
i drive 2 1/2 hours back to S'toon so that i will be in
time for school. Talk about commitment!

Not only that, but unlike most guys, i want to know
everything about my girlfriend. I like to know how she is
feeling and what she is thinking... and even when she
doens't want to tell me i can almost always tell when
something is wrong. I also go shopping with her-- though
i do not really enjoy malls-- because she enjoys it and
seeing her happy makes me happy.

I am incredibly smart, when i apply myself, and when i
actually want to learn, but you have to engage my full
attention. Otherwise i tend to appear uninterested,it's
not that i don't want to learn, it's just that i have to
be involved.

I am honest and trustworthy, so much so that my girlfriend
feels she does not deserve such a wonderful person as her
boyfriend. And even though she is a highly tempestuous
individual, i love her whole-heartedly, and i accept her
just the way she is... tears, mood-swings and all.

Besides all that, i happen to be ridiculously good-
looking, with dark, chocolate-coloured eyes, a beautiful
smile, a hot South African accent, and a sleek, toned
body. Did i mention that i also have the cutest ears you
have ever seen? No? Well, i do... or at least my
girlfriend thinks so.

So, there you have it! From now on i am going to try an
emmulate THIS Heinrich, not the one in previous entires...

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