The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2006-02-08 19:24:31 (UTC)

2 1/2 Years Later Febuary 08, 2006

Wow, it's been such a long time since i wrote in you. I
forgot that i even had a online journal. Well, where do I
start. There is so much to catch up on it's not even funny.
Well, alot has changes since 2003 thats for damn sure.
Let's exclude Lukasz, Josh, Ruben, Erin, Nick, Peter,
Dentka, and everyone else that Was in my life during those
years. All of us just grew up and parted from eachother. I
am somewhat a different person from what I was then. Alot
of me is still the same. There is a whole new group of
people to talk about and alot that you need to be filled
in about. I can start with Jasmin who is my best friend
these days.
I've known Jasmin since 7th grade, but really didnt start
to know her or chyll with her until about a year ago. When
I use to still chill with Chrissy. Chrissy was my boi at
the time, who I secretly had a " Crush " on....
Jazzy use to come thru to chyll and drink and smoke with
all of us when chrissy use to throw parties.After a while
Jasmin and I started to get close and chill alot more
often. Even more after the fact that Chrissy and I werent
as close anymore. I introduced Jasmin to Erin,Gina, and
Vanessa who were my friends at the time. I also introduced
her to Paulie and Son and everyone else i was kool with.
At the time i was still very much into coke, wich lead
into Jasmin Trying it for her 1st time. In the mean time
Erin was the biggest coke fiend of us all. She's was going
out with Son at the time, draining him dry from all his
money.Even though i rarely chilled with Erin during that
time for the fact that she was into her own thing.
Although she was, Jasmin and i were still chyllen more
frequently and alot more with Gina.
Gina was my best friend at that time still.Gina and I
were chyllen for a while before I met Jasmin, but the
reason why i slowly stopped chyllen with Gina was becuz I
was chyllen with Chrissy, and Gina was going out with Tom.
Gina Finally dumped Tom and it went from Me Chrissy and
Gina, to me and chrissy, to me and jasmin, to me Jasmin
and Gina. It stould that way for a while. It would be
Gina me and Jasmin chyllen and doing yayo once and a while.
Everything was all good for a long time. Everything
started to change during the summer of 2005.

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