down in my eyes
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2006-02-08 12:39:39 (UTC)

for one thing.

"What's gone is gone & you can't bring it back around.
Won't do no good to hold no searchlight.
You can't illuminate what time has anchored down."

I've just walked away from laying in my room, listening
to Fiona Apple. I'm constantly able to replay her cds
for hours at a time, & now, It's 4am... & here i am.
The night is the same as last night, for i still bear
the same undeniable tensions. But this time, tonite,
or early morning shall i say? I will file my ventings-
Here, in these archives.

But first, like the ruthless broad i am- boy, am i
hungry. Chocolate would be Perfect. Too bad i don't
have any. I just got back from exploring the kitchen
tho & munchin on some of my various findings..: slices
of lunch meat, cheerios, & a couple carrots. Zesty.

Now where was i? I can't hardly believe how very long
This diary of mine has existed. When i look over my
past entries, i can see that i was a young fool. Now
however, i'm merely an older fool.
With all the constant changes, the new-comers, &
leaving of the old.. I suppose each of the writers
here should be thankful to the creater of this diary's
world. I know i am.

OK, so i admit, i'm guilty of abandoning this diary of
mine.. But! i have a couple pretty decent excuses.
First of all, i have for quite awhile as well, "owned"
my 2nd diary at Xanga- which has been a gigantic
source of my distraction from here. & secondly, these
random occassions i am free to float aboard the net,
are only with my roomate's permission. & half the
time, we are never home at the same time. When we are..
well, ifeel wrong to persist on bummin around on their
computers, even though i'm the only one without my own.

With this submission, am i forgiven now? I hope so.

Despite my wrong doing & life's cruelty, one thing's
for sure- I'm still hungry. Raisens, anyone?