The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2006-02-08 05:12:54 (UTC)

Good for me, Bad for you.

Dear Diary

This should be pretty short cause I don't have much to
write about but, things are ok. Yesterday was a bad day.
I'm not sure what put me in such a bad mood but even Cody
caught the brunt of it. I came back and didn't go to yoga
cuase I was just...I don't know. I'm better today though.

I took my math test and I think I did ok on it. I know it
wasn't a 0 but it's better than I did last semester.
I'm pretty happy I guess.

cody and I are doing grat. I was worried yesterday but
this afternoon we cuddled and made love and things are
going well. I cna't wait till this weekend. It should be
fuckin' awsome! I just hop it's clear so we can look at
the stars and clouds.I think that is so sweet that Cody
likes and watns to do that. Some guys would think that's
stupid but he's really great about things like that. He's
not girly by any means but he seems to be a romantic at
heart. It's so awsome. The best. :)

Dnaiel is acting weird with Amanda. I'm not sure how much
longer that one is gonna lst. He would be pissing me off
and I would have probably ended it toay but that's me.
Tricia and Randy are doing terribley of course...aren't
they always. I'm not sure when Randy is supposed to give
Tricia his answer and staying together. lol. Poor people.
It's times like his that REALLY makes me appreciate my
relationship more. Not that i don't already but...ya know
what I mean.

Well, I probably need to go. I need to laundry and then
I'm going to bed. Write back eventually.

Love ya lots

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