My usually fucked up life...
2006-02-06 09:24:17 (UTC)'s been like 6 least....

I figured what the hell...I'll post an entry and give an
update on My life. Well, I made it a year since nearly dying
with that sepsis shit. I'm now an old man of 30. ~light
sarcastic chuckle~ I finally got My first client for My
business I've been trying for 10 yrs to start...jerome, the
owner of 4 J Limos whom I've known nearly the entire 10 yrs.
~light chuckle again~ Oh yeah...and I'm an uncle. My sister
had a baby girl in July. Everything around Me is slowly
collapsing though. I keep seeing all these happy couples and
it's starting to really depress Me. I even got informed just
before x-mas that My best friend is marrying her boyfriend
of only about a month at that point. I'm going to be the
only one left that's single...without a spouse or even a r/t
relationship. I don't know how much chance there is that I'm
going to be able to handle too much more of this. I know it
isn't very manly to do so but I try not to cry Myself to
sleep on a regular basis now. Why am I so unwanted and
unloveable by girls? Am I just that damn ugly or hard to be
around? I mean hell, I keep getting told that I'm attractive
and good looking...usually by horny little teen girls but
that's beside the point...but if My best friend who is 350
lbs literally can find someone, why can't I? ~sighs~ I think
I'm going to shut up now as I'm just making Myself depressed
again. I'll try to keep up with this but My life has been
fairly boring lately.