Nick's Journal
2006-02-06 04:05:17 (UTC)

Super Bowl (Whatta Party)

i went to a super bowl party. ach, why do i even go to
super bowl parties? the people there didn't have any
interest what so ever in the game and didn't appreciate my
humor what so ever. sigh.
every joke i made fell flat on its face like a two year old
trying to walk in a room full of trip-wires. i was in a
room filled with politcally correct liberals. and let me
tell ya, if there is one demography that doesn't appreciate
a joke about how lazy black people are except to when it
comes to running from law enforcement it is this group.
so needless to say about 95% of my jokes hit the turf.
i left a little before half-time of a boring ass super bowl.
i mean come on. christ what a shitty super bowl. i was in
the car jammin' to some tunes as willie parker made off like
a black person with a new dlp techonology samsung 42 inch
plasma screen. all 75 yards of it.
i turend on the tv just as madden said,
"this is the biggest play yet."
and then big ben threw his INT. i was set.
then the game went down hill.
what a shitty game, if this had been a regular season game
it would have been a c-.
the seahawks are the WORST team ever to have imposed
themselves on the superbowl. matt hasselback is the worst
qb ever at high intensity games i have ever seen and shaun
alexander was exposed for what he was. a mediocre back at
best. the sad thing was that palumalu (or however you spell
it) and joey porter didn't go ape-shit on the game.
it was a shitty super bowl.
but i was so happy for the steelers.
my god.
i loved the patriots the whole way, and i know they are
gonna make people shit htemselves next year. and the
steelers and patriots will trump the sorry ass colts
(probably edge-less by then) but that is a year in the future.
but for now i am so happy for the steelers. sure if the
patriots had won it would have been sweet and all, but come
i noticed why they shouldn't have this year.
did you see bill cowher? and can you imagine someone more
deserving? all those years for such a rabid fan base? god
i was so happy for him.
and the bus? haha the bus. big ole jerome. what a way to
go out. who can possibly deserve it more?
and by far. roethlisberger is the best qb of 2005. who
else played like he did and led them to this?
ok ok. i know.
there were quirks.
but that makes it even better.
carson palmer.
polamalu's (how do you spell his god damend name? i know i
could look it up) int in the colts game.
and the missed champ bailey int.
but come on. even if big ben didn't make it over the goal
line it was still a mircale run.
i am so happy for them, and in the end that is what the
super bowl is here for. you shoudl get a sense that the
winner deserved their desert.
and these people did.
good year of football and a great team to win it all.