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2006-02-05 20:42:57 (UTC)


SO i have fallen a little to fast for Logan and gotten way
to attatched. its only been a little over two months and im
pretty sure im in love... i told him i loved him. and about
a week ago he told me he was falling in love with me. but
now hes gone... we are still together but he has gone to
lloyd and i dont even know if hes coming back. he said he
was only going for a week but his msn name says 'moved back
to lloyd' so i dont know what to think. and if he reallie
feels the way he says he does then why would he just leave
like that? i cant help but think that no matter how hard i
try i will never be good enough for him. he tells me im
more then he deserves but he doesnt see it the way i do
cause hes everything that i want. and hes far to good for
me he deserves someone so much better and im just wondering
how long thats going to take him to figure out and how long
it is until he breaks my heart. i honestly dont think he
would ever do that to me but how well can you reallie know
people you know. they say one thing and do another and i
dont know. i know how i feel about him and i know that i
dont want to lose him but maybe im just lying to myself
maybe he doesnt want to be with me i think he does and i
want him to but i dont know im just reallie confused right
now and wish i could talk to him.
Forever Falling: Meagan. R

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