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2006-02-05 16:22:16 (UTC)

Get rich or die tryin'

Howdie peeps! god feelin heavy hungover the now! lol
mon nite me an lou went 2 tiger tiger! raaaar! lol gd
laugh feelin a bit tipsy an had sum good r&b beatz! then
wed nite me lou an soph went 2 paramount an oh my fuckin
god 69p a drink we arrived at bout 11 didnt realise it
shut at 12 so ended up havin 2 down like 6 drinks at
closing! an cos we had had vodka b4 we went out me an
louise were totally fuked! lol no joke thats the worst iv
ever bn in aberdeen!!! then aftr shuttin went 2 the priory
which is always a good laugh! sang sum karaoke!!! (haha
lol) an had a wee dance 2! then met these 2 randoms in the
taxi que! they ended up bk at our flat! ate all our food!
DICKS! 2 b honest at the time i woz jus 2 drunk 2 care but
dont worry guys i got ur number an we no where u live so
me an lou will b turnin up at ur doors! mwahahaha!
then fri nite me an soph went 2 cinema 2 c get rich or die
trying! an oh my god such a gd film! i woz jus wantin
mainly 2 go c 50 cent jus cos hes hot! lol but nah man
good film! we then went 2 a couple of pubs met up wiv the
rest of the crew! oh had my first pint of cider an
blackcurrant! lol nasty as fuck! erm....last nite went 2
sum random pub then the priory agen! an agen i woz drunk!
lol met these 3 sexy irish bois! mmmm...meant 2 b meetin
them in o'neils l8r on 2nite but we'll c! an we'r goin 2
their party in a couple of weeks! shld b a gd laugh! my
wknds r startin 2 get booked up now! lol its gr8!
oh almost 4got got my Law Ball on fri 3rd of march! cannot
wait! goin dress shoppin soon i hope! had 2 get up at 6 to
buy a ticket so it well bettr b worth it!
an we r goin 2 view a flat 4 nxt yr 2mz nite!- exciting
stuff! it looks kool as fuck (will keep u informed on that
neways thats enouf 4 now me finks i relly shld go catch up
on sum work! efters XxX

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