Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2006-02-04 06:07:24 (UTC)

Wednesday, Feb 1/06

you know what i really like? the commercial with people
carrying around logs and sticks. and its all 'use recylced
stuff' and its a message from greenpeace.
have you EVER thought about how many DEAD TREES it took to
make that commercial? like it makes me laugh so hard every
time i see it. its SOOO stupid. i love it. haha.

and so today...snowboarding with kelsey and dustin. sooooo
much fun. like dustin was soo much better than i thought
he'd be. like he could carve and whatnot pretty decently.
so we were on the orange tbar the whole day pretty much.
and chris just so happened to be working that lift. and i
dunno today was just so much fun. we had snow throwing
wars and whatnot. anyhow-great fun. i love how we're
hmm then we left a bit after 3 to take kelsey home because
she worked at 4:30. and so we dropped her off. and the
first thing dustin says to me when he gets back in the car
is "she said she just wanted to be friends." which i
already knew because when dustin was getting gas on the
way to sunridge me and kelsey were sitting in the car
talking and i asked her how last night was and she said it
was fine but she wasn't sure how she felt about him and
decided to be just friends for now because she didn't want
to lead him on. so yeah that sucks. poor dustin. i felt so
bad for him. he was sooo excited when she asked him out
too. so when he asked me if it was alright if he smoked i
said sure. haha and i didn't cough or gag like i usually
do. lol.
ok as lame as it sounds...the smell of smoke reminds me of
baseball. yes i know-retarded. just like a warm summer
night, eating spits and the smell of smoke is what a
baseball game is for me. i LOVE it. haha. i wish somebody
i knew played baseball so i could go watch them. anyhow.
ooh and good news...when we went in for lunch. i ate no
so after we dropped kelsey off dustin drove to tim hortons
and bought me a hot chocolate and a donut which was
totally nice. and very warming to my cold hands. haha. and
then i spilled some on my pants. to go with the cheese
grant got all over them yesterday. how nice.
and so then we boarded for a bit more.
and chris pretty much asked me out. it was quite funny. we
always talk about stupid stuff. and omg. he asked where
kelsey went and i was like "she had to work" and he was
like "and you don't have to work" and i was like "no not
tonight" and he was like "i didn't know the street corners
had a scedual" basically calling me a whore and i was like
and then we were talking about dancing and i was
like "haha can't do it" and then he said he was gonna
teach me to waltz or something and i was like haha yeah
good luck with that.
and then the next time i came down he was like "we should
have lunch sometime" and i figured he was kidding around.
ok well i HOPED he was kidding around and i was
like "mcdonalds all the way. best fries EVER!" and he was
like "ok we'll make a date of it. i'll buy you lunch." and
i was like "...ok...." so lets hope that that never
because if i ever did date him it'd be illegal. and
totally weird. like hello 5 year difference when you're
only 17 is kinda much.
but so yeah. interesting day.
but dustin said he had so much fun snowboarding. and that
he's gonna buy a board and shit with his $400 cheque from
the government. tssh i don't get mine. neither do my
sisters. we're using it to pay for mexico. which is fine i
guess. whatever.
buuut yes. my cheek hurts. because i was trying to manuel
up the tbar to see if i could flex my board enough (which
i can't because its pretty stiff) and then the other end
of the tbar just kinda flew up and jabbed just under my
eye. and it hurt like freaking hell. and its bruised now.
and it hurts a great deal. my mom said i'm lucky i didn't
poke my eye out. that'd be gross. all of a sudden some
kids going up the tbar and notices and eyeball on the
other side. disgusting. haha.
oooh and i got home and my mom was like "kathy from
zellers phoned" and i was like "ummm...ok...i take it that
she didn't know i was snowbaording with her son all day
then." lol and my mom was like "wait what dustins your
bosses son?" and i was like "yep." that's so funny though.
that she had no idea.
i'm off for now.