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2006-02-04 06:06:48 (UTC)

Tuesday, Jan 31/06

and and grant went snowboarding. it was fucking
amazing. because he got me to go off jumps. and do this
rainbow box thinger. both of which i did. almost without
fear. AND I DID NOT FALL. he was gonna teach me to 180 but
that never happened. however...i'm so fucking proud of
annnnnd i got called pretty by a guy. ok so maybe it was
by a 22 year old guy...but fuck...i still got called
pretty. which is pretty much a first from somebody other
than one of my friends who are girls, which they pretty
much have to say anyways. so yes. it was actually really
nice. nice to know that atleast ONE person in this world
thinks i'm pretty...

and tomorrow. snowboarding. with dustin and kelsey. i
really hope grant comes. because i know i'll make it
awkward for myself. lol considering the fact they kinda
went on a date tonight. she asked him out. holy wow i wish
i had her guts. anyways yes. third wheel. its what i do
best i guess.

anyways. since we'll probably be on the bunny hill for
quite a bit...i'm gonna learn how to carve switch. so when
i learn how to 180 off a jump i'll beable to do it. so
yess. that is my plan. and if i DO end up being the
complete 3rd wheel (kelsey definately wouldn't do that. i
know her from mexico. there's no way. like i'm sorry to
say...but wow. she's like amazing. and like never does
anything wrong. it actually quite pissed me off afew times
in mexico because i'd have a good reason to be pissed off
at her, and well then i'd find out that it really wasn't a
good reason after all. so yes. anyways.) but if i do, then
my sister and becky are there. i went boarding with becky
last year after mich broke her arm. so yes. haha we sang
to chris because his radio was broken. aha. anyhow.
tomorrow should be fun. interesting but fun. i just hope i
don't fuck things up big time. because knowing me...i'll
make it soooooo awkward.
i'm just good at that.
third wheeling and awkwardness.

wow i love myself.

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