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2006-02-04 06:02:52 (UTC)

Monday, Jan 23/06

ok so a quick recap on tonight.

mmm i was at chelseas. and she didn't feel like dying my
hair. and i looked like shit in the morning because i
didn't get to have a shower. and her boyfriend was coming
over so i left and walked home. whoot.
then my grandma came over a dyed my hair for me. and i
quite like it. anywho.
hmm then my mom and i went to go pick up annette for the
OILERS VS CALGARY game tonight that i won tickets to at
the zellers christmas party.
we sat by funny people. the top two phrases of theirs
were "IDIOT!" and "what da hell was that!?" it was quite
grand, and a good old time except for the fact that i was
so crushed because there was like two fights and they were
so stupid. and the refs stopped them like right away. so
that was dumb. however yes.
and so then we were playing mario ddr and eggmania and ssx
snowboarding. and that was fun. lol my basement roof is
too low.
and i had a salad and cheese string because well i didn't
eat like anything today and i was wobbly. that sounds gay
but it was true and i felt like shit and i'm just feeling
better now.
and so we're downloading line dance songs because we're
just that cool.

and tomorrow we're going snowboarding with jacqui. so that
should be a great time. j'adore snowboarding. maybe
tomorrow i'll beable to do the terrain park and not be
i hope chris is working the red tbar. then it'll be a gong
show. aha.

oh wait. forgot an important thing.
at one of the half time thingers there was this mini
hockey game with little kids and after this guy was
interviewing one of them and he was like "so who do you
think is gonna win the election tonight?" and there was
this pause and the kid was like "oilers..."

he was pretty much my hero for the night. it was great.
anywho. peace out.

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