Nick's Journal
2006-02-04 04:25:32 (UTC)

My Open Window

it was a beautiful day today. i had my window wide open and
the cool breeze blew into my office. as you probably know
from having read so many of my prior entries my office
overlooks a veterinary hospital. the gods love nick. all
of them.
i love animals so much and i love personifying them. all
day i get to watch animals come in and out of a hospital,
and when the window is open i can hear them bark or meow or
sometimes even chirp.
but today it wasn't to be so. there i was working away on
some approvla notifications when i heard a the wailing of a
"my baby, my baby has been hit by a car. oh my god!!!"
i quickly looked out the window thinking it might have been
a kid when i saw an elderly woman with a cocker spaniel in
her arms. the cocker spaniel looked all but dead. limp as
anything and with it's eyes closed. it's lower half was
what i wish not to describe.
she wailed and sobbed so horribly as she staggered up the
ramp into the hospital with that cute little dog hanging in
a limp death slumber from her frail arms.
i watched her stagger into the doors and one of the doctors
take the dog from her. i could hear her sob as the doors
i sat there looking at my approval notifications. and my
eyes were so moist and i was choked up. oh my god....i was
about to cry in the office!
i bolted to the bathroom and turned on the fan. i didn't
know what i should do so i just took my pants off and sat
down as if i were taking a shit. and i sat there for a
while, head in my hands, breathing deeply trying as hard as
naything to push the thoughts of deep loss and agonizing
sadness far away. i finally gained my composure and went
back to my office.
after about 2 hours the lady was outside (this time with
what seemed to be her daughter with her). she was standing
outside and sobbing. i had to close my window but that
didn't help at all. i just kept on looking out at her and
all i really wanted to do was run up to her and console her
the best i could.
people tend to trivialize the death of a pet, but i have
never been more devestated than when my dog died. christ i
don't know what it was, i mean i had better composure when
my great grandmother and hten my grandfather died.
sad thoughts crept into me along the lines of her and that
dog always sitting together adn watching stupid animal
videos and she thinking the dog enjoyed them. or she having
someone who always was there for her, who seemed to care
what she said. there is a bond between old people and
animals that is really heart warming.
sigh, all these stupid thoughts flew through my head at
about 120 mph crashing into my cranium and giving me a

i just really needed something to cheer me up so i went with
something i've been meaning to do for a while. you ever
listen to football players on the fiedl? when they're miked
up? you think you're getting an insight into the game whe
all they ever really say is,
'all day baby, i can do this all day'
or jerome bettis is my favorite
'yo it cold out baby, the bus is gonna have to have his snow
tires on.'
or in a dome
'indoors baby, no snow tires for deh bus today, baby.'
or they always say,
'game day baby, game day. yo it's game day, time to throw
and of course mr. joey porter as of late,
'i'm gonna make dem tap-out, you know what i mean? tap out.'
so for the rest of the afternoon i spoke in football talk.
'yo i can do approval notifications all day baby, all day.'
'HUD pass-through states are no joke baby. it's hud
pass-through day. pas-through time baby.'
'i'm gonna make our clients tap-out if they don't deliver.
it's filing time, you gotta deliver them documents baby.
all day. all day baby. all day.'

i am a comical genius.