The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2006-02-03 23:01:44 (UTC)

It was the best of times!

Dear Diary

Well, we've een in school for about 3 weeks now. It's
going ok. I'm sorry I havne't written. I just got my
cables for my laptop so...I can use it now. Anywyas,
classes are ok. I dropped my history class and picked up
yoga. It seems pretty easy. All is well on that front.

Cody and I are doing sooooo well. Yeah, we're still
togehter and having sex and all that good stuff. :) He
just wen tto work. Hmm. We wanted to sooo bad this
afternoon but we idn't have any condoms so...he pulled
out. A little bit on me but I wiped it off soo...I should
be good to go. I hope. If not...I don't know. Anyways,
we've said the "L" word. He said it back too. I'm sooo
fuckin' happy. You have no clue. I've been on cloud nine
for....over a week now. All cause of that. :) I can't
believe I ever had doubts about us and with Joey. I feel
terrible for even THINKING it.

Speaking of Joey..he's ok. Same stupid person as usual. He
needs to get his act together or he's gonna fuck up his
life. I really want better for him than what he's got
right now. He needs to get away from his psycho parents.
His mom is nice and all Nuts!

Mandy and Tricia are doing pretty well. Still with the
respective boyfriends. I feel bad for Randy though. Tricia
is being a total bitch to him. Although she is throwing
him aparty...she's gonna expect more for hers. It's no
win situation all around. Poor Guy. He's so nice too. I
jsut hope she doens't screw him up.

I'm pretty pissed off at my paretns course what else is
new? Mom threw this horrid fit yesterda about my damn
refund. I cna't stand her half the time. She started
screaming at me and I screamed right back. I'm so tired of
being treated like a fuckin' child. Se blames all their
problems on me but fuck that. I didn't fuck them up!

Anywyas, I need to go. I'm gonna go swimming. I've started
excersising. It's good for me and I need it to lose weight
so...yeah. I'll write back eventually.

Love ya lots

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