Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2006-02-03 16:29:02 (UTC)

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that every time someone see's a pregnant
person they MUST touch there stomach?!?! I personally
myself have been having some issues with this...I really am
a personally space person and I dont like to be touched all
that much but some ppl just insist on touching me...SOME
DONT EVEN ASK! I hate being touched, and i never felt the
need to touch a pregnant person! If you ask most of the
time i will say yes unless you do as Matt does and shake my
belly really hard yelling Shaken baby syndrom?!?! Dont ask
me why i'm with him plz lmao. But i was just sitting her
thinking about it cause i went to DQ yesterday and these
two younger teens were stareing at me as if i was a walking
billboard! Me being the snobby one i am though just tended
to stare back! Then my sister felt that need to have all
her employee's run over and touch my as she put it "huge"
belly! So now i have all these ppl touching me and i'm
really uncomfertable be surronded by so many ppl. This one
lady walked up to me and just touched me and started
talking about her first child?!?! I (being the snobby
person i am) Asked her if she thought i was a magic lamp
and i assured her a genie wasnt going to come out. I dont
know i just hate how ppl feel the need to touch me
lol...WELL Kaden baby you better get used to being touched
cause there loving you while your inside me!

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