The neverending nightmare
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2006-02-03 15:51:09 (UTC)

im so happy....

hey everyone...i havent written in here forever...well
alots been goin on and i want to tell u all about it...

well my ex mark and i are no longer talkin...not really
even as friends...i mean when him and his mom drive passed
me they wave and i wave back, but really thats about
all...and him and my ex best-friend, jozelynne, broke
up....right after he took her virginity!!! ~lol~ well she
got wat she deserved!!! me and her are cool now...but wat
really sucks is that i think mark is comin bac to school
here and then ill have to see him like everyday...atleast i
dont live right across the street from him anymore!!!!
thank god...

well i have some good news...im goin out wit someone
new...his names patsy and i really really like him
alot...this sunday will be 3wks....i kno it doesnt seem
like that long, but i've known him for like ever, so it
seems longer that it really has been!!!! this month is
gonna be funny though...on feb. 14, its valentines
day...feb 15, is me and patsy's 1month....and feb 18, is
patsy's birthday!!! ~lol~ this month is so screwed up!!!
~loL~ well theres really nothin else to say so i guess ill
write again someother time...

ttyl8ter...o yea if anyone has a myspace then contact me on

til some more shit happens.....

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