Elizabeth M.
2006-02-03 07:40:31 (UTC)


So,... We have been getting along great these past weeks.
He calls me at least 2 times a day to check up on me,
which I find sweet. I find that he is really into me. I
can say that he makes me happy. He makes me laugh. He
gives me money if I ask for it with out any questions. Not
like I really need the money, but its nice to see a guy
like that. The one thing I am having a problem with is
this thing w/being in public, where he doesnt show
emotion. I asked a few guys about that and there respons
was that it was normal for some guys. So I am ok w/that. I
talked to him about it and as I asked him if he doesnt
want me in his space, he said no, not like that, i dont
mean it like that. But he seems to like me hugging on him
and kissing him in public. As I told him, that I am a very
loving and touchie feely type of person and I show my
affection anytime and anywhere. I see nothing wrong w/that
as long as its tastefull.
I just hope that when the time comes for me to tell him
that he will be ok w/that and not run. I think that if he
loves me and truely loves me that he will stay and that is
why I told him that I wouldnt sleep w/him until after 3
mons. That is time enough for him to get to know me and
fall in love w/me. It's almost the same as when i was
that same feeling. Not like all the others I have been
with. He reads me just like Casey could, he can just look
at me and know what is on my mind.

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