Nick's Journal
2006-02-03 02:26:22 (UTC)

Lazy Sunday

i confess, i have watched that snl sketch way too much. but
let me just take you to my lazy sunday.
my lazy sunday was ages ago, approximately 2002. that
palindrome of a year. i remember it way too vividly. it
was a beautiful late april day. i love those late april
days. it rains like mad up until 5 pm then all of a sudden
it's done. what remains is a sun that fights the cloud in
an attempt to bring the archetypical day of freelance get
yourself shitfaced who the fuck cares it's college day.
that was this saturday i speak of. my friends and i had
just finished a delicious dinner at our local mess-hall,
ready to reside quiet quietly at our dorm rooms, but alas,
it was not to be so.
we hung out at the dorm steps till about 11. we got so
drunk it wasn't even right.
we evented a game called "tip-it" which involved a frisbee
4/6 stoned out of their minds particpants and a lot of
alcohol. we started screaming at people outside of our dorm
for saying they were "too drunk" that we didn't approve of.
i remember taking a picture of dave pointing at puke that
wasn't even his own!!!
what the hell!!!
yes we had the cops called that night.
yes we did take a picture right before they appeared (and
i'm in it).
but damn we got so high and drunk that night (right next to
the r.a.'s room).
the next morning i woke up at about 3:30.
it was sunday and i had never felt so refreshed, so
complete. now when i wake up any later than 10 i feel
guilty as hell. like i shoudl have done soemthing, but back
then i felt a sense of accomplishmet.
i remember it so vividly.
dave and i got up the same time (the only time ever). and
we smoke a cigarette. i remember ryan chillin' in our room.
at about 4:45 i imed john and asked him to get some DINNER.

that's what college is all about. we got dinner and i got
back. i had a group meeting for a final exam study group in
differential equations for finance majors.

dave and i got high as two high-flying kites. i remember
beign so paranoid i turned off my computer for i was afraid
they would see me online.

dave and i did laundry so high we washed other people's
clothes. but we watched blind date that night high as kites
. and guess what? i got a 4.0 that year as with just about
every year.

i loved college so much.

those lazy sundays.