Nick's Journal
2006-02-03 01:27:03 (UTC)

The State of Other Peoples' Unions

there have been two particular couples i have been really
interested as i pursue my morning commute. both are on the
train that i take to work and both are extremely odd. one
is'nt really odd in a weird way and the other in a kind of
creepy way.
first the weird one.
see there is this woman that takes the train every morning
that i swear i thought was homeless when i first saw her.
she had the grey unkempt hair, the dirt under the
fingernails, the red baggy eyes and did the homeless person
shuffle (see prior journal entry for an explanation on
this). she always wore a hooded sweatshirt (not sweater)
and dirty tennis shoes. homeless right?
apparently not. not only have a discovered that she is quite
capable of reading, but she also seems to have a don juan
courting her. only lately this guy with a CIA cap has been
hanging out with her. he waits for her at the train station
(which is kind of strange if you stop reading and think
about that for a second). then they talk, and then he goes
to wherever the hell he came from.
now apart from the fact that any ADULT wearing a CIA hat
(those cheap gimmick hats) is apparently completely insane,
this guy seems to take it one step further. he is
desperately and (surprisingly) ineptly trying to get into
this woman's pants. now how a woman who obviously has crabs
all over her body can play hard to get is beyond me, but if
you heard the conversation these two have you could glean
their mental capacities.
guy with CIA hat: "yeah, yo, you know, uh, you should come
over to my place. we could you know hang out. watch some tv."
woman with crabs: "hmm, well i don't know. you know i
really gotsta help mah granma out tonight."
crazy man still with CIA hat: "yeah, i know exactly what you
mean. i gotta actually, well you know i gotta kinda ask my
momma if it's cool with her that i have you over and all,
cos you know....she kinda needs me."
catching the craziness?
essentially these two speak like teenagers. she a
flirtatious young-un with bugs all over her body and he a
crazy guy who is about as smart as a manatee that had a
on to the next crazy couple.
i like to call them "devil man and little red riding hood."
because the guy looks exactly like satan in human form. no
joke. picture satan in human form........wait for
it.............there! that's him!
she always wears red. always no joke.
so this is the deal with them. they must atleast be husband
and wife. they always come to the station together and
drive home together. but in between they are so weird. at
some times they will be really overly affectionate and at
other times they act like they don't even know each other.
no joke. they will sit in different train cars and
completely disregard each other.
nick they're having an affair!
you may say.
but why the sporadic display? it seems highly unlikely,
these two are a couple through and through and definitely
more serious than the first one. so what is up with this?
someone please tell me!!! i have watched them for a year and
a half and can't understand them whatsoever!
what kind of relationship is it when you are all over each
other one day and don't acknowledge each other the next?
what the hell?
the sad thing is that it seems little red riding hood always
wants to be affectionate to satan. when they get off the
train together at about 7:15 with me he will stride in front
of her some days and she will scuttle after him, grabbing
his hand and obviously begging in a very loving and
heart-breakingly obsequious fashion for his attention.
what the helllllllll?
i have never seen a crazier relationship.