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2006-02-02 10:51:44 (UTC)

cny "celebration"

so. cny break is over. it has been a good break. meeting
friends, resting... just the way i want it to be. i couldn't
have asked for more.

on the new year's eve, i went to eat at Imperial Treasure
with Lydia, Diah and Erick. supposed to be reunion dinner,
but the fact that i went there with 2 newly acquired friends
make it an enjoyable dinner with friends. it was a very nice
meal, kind of reminds me of cici julia's wedding dinner. the
second many, many course meal i could remember. went to
river hong bao after that to watch the fireworks. met feny
cs. very beautiful fireworks indeed.

stayed in my room during the first day of cny. one of the
days i could do nothing at all without feeling guilty. on
the second day, i went to puut's house with shirvy and
betty. i hardly know puut and was quite surprised to be
invited there. introduced to puut's housemate, heru.
interesting day, made new friends. the pool bench is lovely.
i could stay there forever. looking at the sky or the pool.
i like watching people in the swimming pool. they all look
so happy... puut is an unique person... i got a sneaky
feeling that he cares a lot about shirvy. and somehow i feel
that shirvy feels uncomfortable with that, because puut is
already attached. he's a very nice person, his sincerity
just shines. went to stay at shirvy's place after that.
talked to her until 4 am. i miss her. i miss those days when
i went to lisa n shirvy's room every day after school.

third day is again spent at home.

reading this book titled The Bird Man and the Lap Dancer by
Eric Hansen. this is the first travelogue i read and am
loving it.

school's so boring yesterday. one of the most taxing days in
university. super-duper-pain-in-the-ass physio tutorial,
3-damning-hour bn3401 lecture. i'm impressed i'm still alive.

today's not so bad. bn1901 lecture in biomechanics is rather
good and an eye-opener.

tomorrow's his birthday. i'm just going to give him the
present i have prepared since few days ago. no strings
attached. don't worry.

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