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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-02-02 13:55:28 (UTC)

sub diary 01-02-06


i must apologise for a late entry. i was unable to access
a computer earlier to post.

a new month. february. i am getting very nervous now. in 2
weeks i will have surgery. the exact day hasnt been set
yet. i do know it is during the week beginning 13th. many
thoughts are going through my head. all silly i know.
Master is there for me. He has always been there for me. i
just cant see it at times. this is not Masters fault but
my own for failing to open my eyes to it. Master always
leaves an open line of communication for me. any time of
day or night that i feel i need Him i can call.

i got a messages yesterday to tell me how much my Master
loves me and how He wishes for me to call Him, to wake
Him. i know i am bathed in Masters love. i lay back and
soak it all up. am i becoming a vampire of His love. can
i drink it dry? i dont think i could. His love is endless
& my love for Him is also endless.

some cant understand Oour love but Wwe do and that is the
most important thing. Master & i compliment each other. it
works for Uus.

my day was busy with work and new stock arriving. the heat
is terrible as it follows rain. this makes it unbearable.
so humid. i am about to leave my unit and in one way i will
miss it but i will be with others that i can help. i will
feel as if i am in the right place again. i could never
be alone again. i dont want to be alone again. i need
someone to take care of. i am slave.

love to Master
slave jessica {MJ}

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